Top 5 HCG Drops Questions Answered

HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin drops are the revolutionary way to control what you eat and, at the same time, step up your metabolism.

The result?

You will lose weight real fast and without having to even work out!

The entire method really is as simple as it sounds. But even as you consider it and think about starting the drops, your mind is clouded with questions about the treatment. And today what wea€?ve brought you are the top 5 HCG Drops Questions Answered!

These seem to be the most commonly asked questions:

How much weight can I lose with HCG drops?

Considering that your body is burning, on an average, 1500 calories more than it is getting through food in a single day a€“ these drops are bound to be very effective and able to bring about significant weight loss! And speaking of the figures taken from the experience of other people whoa€?ve already tried it, the figure varies between 10 and 20 pounds in a matter of 15 days.

So the bottom line is, you stand to lose .66 to 1.33 pounds a day a€“ depending on your body type and how you follow the diet! Now that sure is good news.

Another question we get a lot isa€|

How many HCG drops should be taken in a day and how many times?

The standard dosage for the drops is somewhat more than for injections. This is because the drops are more diluted than the injected solution. But the generally recommended dosage is 10 drops prior to every major meal. In other words, you need to take these drops 3 times a day a€“ and have them as they are a€“ no need to dilute further. Just put the drops under your tongue and swallow.

But as recommended, you should try this program in stints a€“ not carry on for a long while. But when you arena€?t using the drops, what do you do with those you still have left?

Can you keep these stored for a while?

In most cases you get these vials of HCG solution in bulk a€“ because frankly, the cost works out even less that way. But what do you do with the extraa€|How do you store it?

For starters, these drops come with an expiry date a€“ and you shouldna€?t try to use it beyond that. That out of the way, you can make vials last longer so long as you dona€?t break the seal on the bottles. Ideally, kept unopened and in a cool and dry place, theya€?re usable till their expiry date!

And so much for buying them in bulk and for cheap, herea€?s another frequently asked question about these drops.

Where can I buy authentic HCG drops?

You will find many a store or online website selling you HCG drops. But the point is that taken incorrectly or in inferior quality, HCG drops can be harmful to your health. When buying, always check for authenticity and buy from a reliable retailer.

And personally, the product that we recommend is the Ultra Diet HCG Drops. Not only are these the cheapest option, in our experience, they are also the safest and most reliable product you can get anywhere online.

But that brings you to another questiona€|

Should I buy the cheapest HCG supplement?

The drops you get at this website may be the cheapest, but as we mentioned earlier, they are the best. Not only are they produced in FDA approved labs and with 100{de34865d63f6f988394ad4600a6e9acb3e226383c35b15807d99855b1cb50d06} safe ingredientsa€| they are also completely natural.

And we would of course not recommend something that we arena€?t sure about. And these Ultra Diet HCG Drops are definitely reliable along with being the cheapest.

Of course there is the overriding question, a€?are HCG drops safe?a€? a€“ And we can only say that would we be discussing it if it isna€?t?

It is not just safe but also extremely effective.

So now that you have the top 5 HCG Drops Questions Answered.