Lose Weight Super-Fast with the HCG Drops Diet Meal Plan


Are you looking for a quick way to shed those holiday pounds? If so, you might have already heard about HCG drops, the revolutionary alternative diet that uses hormones produced in the human body to help you drop weight fast.

In as little as three weeks, you can lose up to 30 pounds simply by taking three drops of HCG each day and following the HCG drops diet meal plan.

This plan is simple to follow and doesna€?t require any strange food purchases. In fact, it simply involves cutting out the right things at the right time, letting the HCG do its work on your body, turning it into a mean, lean, fat-burning machine.

Overview??About HCG Drops

hcg droplets overviewHCG drops are made of the human hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is produced by the body during the peak period of pregnancy. It helps the body:

a€¢ Regulate its metabolism. Weight gain during pregnancy can quickly get out of control if the bodya€?s metabolism isna€?t working correctly. To deal with this extreme period, the female body produces HCG, helping the body to regulate its metabolism and getting the body ready to better deal with the pregnancy weight it has to shed after birth.

a€¢ Restore hormonal balance. During pregnancy, the body is going through all kinds of hormonal changes so it releases other hormones to keep the balance in check. HCG is one of these hormones that regulate. Because so much weight gain in the body can be traced back to hormonal imbalance, bringing your body back to a homeostatic hormonal balance will not only help you lose weight fast, but keep it off (especially with your newly regulated metabolism).

a€¢ Suppress the appetite naturally. Pregnant women are known for their a€?cravings,a€? but these are nothing compared to how out of control the human appetite would get during pregnancy if it werena€?t for HCG. By taking HCG drops, your appetite will be suppressed so you dona€?t have the typical cravings that other diets cause.

What is the HCG Drops Diet Meal Plan?

Of course, the drops are just part of the diet meal plana€”the other part is the actual diet, conducted in three phases: Loading, Burning and Maintenance.

hcg meal plan example


Two days of fatty, carb-heavy foods to prepare your body for the HCG effect. Indulge yourself as much as you want!


For the next 21 to 42 days, you will cut out all oil, only have one veggie per day and limit your caloric intake to 500 calories daily.

Breakfast will be black coffee or tea. Lunch and dinner will be one protein per meal (100 calorie portion) such as skinless chicken breast, veal, beef, low-mercury white fish, crab, lobster, shrimp, etc. One veggie can be a tomato, apple, cabbage, celery, spinach, cucumber, onion, etc. A bread stick may be added. During the last three days of Burning, HCG drops are halted.


This three week phase involves cutting out all starches and sugars to give your body time to optimally readjust to the upcoming return to a normal diet. Gradually, you will reintroduce sugars and starches during this phase, building back up to your normal diet (which will work better now that your body is properly readjusted thanks to the changes made by the HCG).

Can I Buy HCG Drops in Stores?

As you can see, the diet meal plan isna€?t that hard, all you really need to buy are the drops themselves.

Unfortunately, many stores sell HCG drops that dona€?t contain any actual HCG.

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