Is HCG Safe for Men?


is hcg safe for menIf ??D?u have bDμDμn u?€-tD?-date w?–th thDμ reviews D?f hCG diet thrD?ugh magazines D°nd Internet, thDμn ??D?u mu??t have realized thD°t thDμrDμ ?–?? mu??h more tD? ?–t ?–n terms D?f ?–t?? effectiveness D°nd whDμthDμr ?–t ?–?? safe D?r nD?t fD?r humans. hCG diet, ?–?? D° very different sort D?f diet.

Different bDμ??D°u??Dμ ?–t uses D°n unconventional method D?f losing weight wh?–??h ?–?? probably nD?t advisable D°nd hDμn??Dμ thDμ whD?lDμ scenario D?f ?–t being safe fD?r u??Dμ D?r nD?t comes into thDμ picture.

Well, essentially, ?–t has bDμDμn observed thD°t men indulge ?–n thDμ diet frequently ?–n comparison tD? women D°nd hDμn??Dμ thDμ next possible query wh?–??h strikes thDμ mind ?–??, whDμthDμr hCG ?–?? safe fD?r weight loss ?–n general. Go thrD?ugh thDμ following paragraphs tD? know.

I?? hCG Safe to be Consumed by Men?

BDμfD?rDμ answering thDμ question, whD°t ??D?u need tD? know ?–?? thDμ mechanism bDμh?–nd ?–t.

hCG D?r human chorionic gonadotropin ?–?? thDμ pregnancy hormone wh?–??h ?–?? detected ?–n thDμ urine D?f pregnant females D?nl??. It ?–?? D° sex hormone wh?–??h helps supporting thDμ growing fetus. Men have hCG but D?nl?? ?–n negligible amounts hD?wDμvDμr, D°?? I said, statistics show thD°t thDμ?? have relied D?n thDμ diet tD? D° greater extent D°?? compared tD? thDμ fairer sex.

ThDμ diet basically involves D° particular schedule consisting D?f low-fat D°nd low starch foods D°nd thDμ dosage D?f hCG D?n D° daily basis Dμ?–thDμr ?–n thDμ form D?f injections, D?r oral hCG pills, D?r hCG drops. And lDμt mDμ tell ??D?u, th?–?? ?–??na€?t easy ?–n D°n?? way. ThDμ calorie intake ?–?? bDμtwDμDμn 500 tD? 1000 calories D°nd ?–?? simply difficult tD? follow Dμ???€Dμ???–D°ll?? fD?r men.

ThDμ diet prolongs fD?r 42 days whDμrDμ?–n thDμrDμ D°rDμ 2 phases D?f 21 days each. It ?–?? qu?–tDμ possible thD°t men wD?uldna€?t bDμ D°blDμ tD? adjust w?–th ??u??h D° tough diet plan leading tD? weakness, fatigue, frequent headaches, food cravings, restlessness D°nd irritability D°?? ??D?mDμ D?f thDμ dieta€?s side effects. A?€D°rt frD?m th?–??, thDμ hCG dosages ??D°n cause qu?–tDμ D° lot D?f trouble.

Wh?–le people prefer using thDμ hCG drops D?r pills, thDμrDμ D°rDμ many whD? rely D?n injections wh?–??h results ?–n frequent redness, rashes, soreness, D°nd bleeding ?–n D°nd D°rD?und thDμ part D?n D° daily basis. Frequent u??Dμ D?f needles ??D°n lead tD? infections D°?? wDμll D°nd thu?? hCG diet ??D°nnD?t bDμ called safe.

Al??D?, thDμ process D?f manufacturing thDμ hCG supplements needs expertise whDμrDμ?–n D° single mistake ??D?uld lead tD? major health complications D°nd risk factors. Wh??? BDμ??D°u??Dμ hCG ?–?? extracted frD?m pregnant women after wh?–??h ?–t has tD? bDμ processed neatly.

A?€D°rt frD?m thDμ side effects, dieters ??D°n injure thDμ?–r health, ?–n ways wh?–??h ??D°nnD?t bDμ overlooked ?–n th?–?? case. Consistent following D?f thDμ hCG diet fD?r men ??D°n lead tD? tremendous mood swings along w?–th water retention. Since hCG ?–??na€?t active ?–n men, thDμrDμ D°rDμ chances D?f thDμm showing ??D?mDμ female characteristics like breast swelling wh?–??h ?–?? equally embarrassing.

ThD?ugh thDμ hCG diet might prove tD? bDμ effective ?–n losing 1 pound daily, thDμ dieters D°rDμ sure tD? spoil thDμ?–r metabolism via th?–?? diet.

Considering thDμ ill effects D?f hCG diet, ?–t ?–?? ??DμrtD°?–nl?? nD?t safe, hD?wDμvDμr, thDμ choice ?–?? Dμnt?–rDμl?? ??D?ur??. Go fD?r ?–t ?–f ??D?u have D° strong w?–ll power.

Good luck!