Getting the Correct HCG Drops Dosage


hcg dosageIt is important to carefully monitor, the HCG drops dosage, to ensure that you get the correct hormone amount for your weight and size. For both men and women, the HCG hormone comes in the form of muscle injections, pills, as well as oral drops.

Those aged 16 years and above should take between 125 and 200 i.u every day.

Make sure that you are receiving the correct dosage, because an overdose may cause headaches,vomiting and nausea, and muscle cramps.

If your aim is to lose that unwanted weight, HCG for weight loss has been proved to work effectively. The HCG dosage, when combined with the diet plan stimulates the hypothalamus gland, which proceeds to rev up the bodya€?s metabolism.

HCG drops dosage

Always ensure you know the real strength of the HCG hormone before purchasing it. Some drops have amounts of water, or alcohol added to them, and this dilutes the recommended dosage. Knowing the content of each dosage ensures that the plan works as expected. You dona€?t want to start the plan, only for you to get the wrong results.

Positive Effects of the HCG Weight Loss Plan

As a glycoprotein chemical, HCG breaks down fat from all body parts, turns it into energy, before getting it off the system. As a result, reports have shown that followers of the diet, lose between 20 and 40 pounds within, a few weeks. In addition, they notice improvements in flabby muscles, and bulges.

While under the HCG dosage, you are on a daily diet of 500 calories. However, the hormone makes the system believe that you are consuming more calories, because the metabolism keeps burning the calories stored in your bodya€?s fat cells.

It is after ingesting high calorie amounts for a few days, that the jump start to the metabolism occurs. You eat foods high in calories and fat, such as cream sauces, and avocados among others. Your body will still burn fat cells after beginning the HCG dosage along with the strict diet. However, this time it only burns the ones stored in the body, and not the ones that are being ingested.

How to Take the HCG Drops Dosage Correctly

Injections, pills and drops are the three different ways in which you can take the HCG dosage. Depending on the strength of the drops, and pills purchased, as well as the amount of weight intended to be lost, the oral drops and pills should be taken between 2 and three times every day.

If you opt for the HCG injection, you may only require one shot every day, since the HCG dosage, is higher in injections.

Ita€?s important to note that you should never take more than 200 i.u in a day, whichever method you decide to use, to take the HCG hormone therapy.

What Happens when You Take an Overdose?

If you exceed the recommended dosage you might experience muscle cramps, headaches, and light-headedness. You should reconsider the HCG drops dosage you are taking, should you encounter these side effects.

Use it correctly, and you will achieve your desired results.