HCG Diet Phases or Protocol

The HCG diet phases are divided into four phases or protocols which aid in promoting weight loss in a very healthy way.

To make the most out of the HCG diet protocols, every step of the protocols must be adhered to as directed.

The exact phases are outlined below:

Phase 1 (The Loading Phase)

In phase one of the diet program, dieters are required to eat enough food as much as possible mostly foods which are rich in fat.

The reason for this is to develop storage of fat which will wade off headaches or hunger pangs that may result after passing through the low calorie phase.

This time is also when weight watchers or dieters will begin to inject??HCG hormones into their body. This absorption of the hormone into the system usually takes two days.

Phase 2 (The Burning Phase)

This is the most important phase of the diet. You need to have a weight loss goal in mind. This phase usually lasts for between 26 – 42 days.

This part of the diet phase, unlike the first phase, requires HCG dieters to closely follow the meal plan approved by the program.

The HCG diet program is particular about food, especially the quantity of food that should be taken and digested by the body.

The diet program requires you to consume only 500 calories each day on a low-carbohydrate, high protein meal plan.

In addition, the HCG application will continue for the same duration, except for the last 3 days of the diet plan. During the last days, dieters will stop the use of HCG, but continue with the meal plan.

Phase 3 (The Maintenance Phase)

The phase 3 of the diet??is commonly called the maintenance or stabilization phase. This is because the goal of these??21 days diet is to stabilize your new weight.

At this point, you stop the intake of the HCG diet injection or drops, and you are now permitted to eat any food except sugar and starch.

Throughout this phase, your body is getting accustomed to stabilize, and this is why it’s??really necessary to remain focused on the diet plan.

Temptation can become very powerful once you are free to eat whatever your body craves for. This is the phase where many people are more likely to regain all their lost weight.

Phase 4

During the fourth phase, dieters can begin to add moderate amounts of starch and sugar back into their diet.

You do not have to be very strict with your intake of calories, but you still have to be conscious of the type of food which you consume and take little portions many times in a day.

It is wrong to overeat; if counting calories each day and keeping a calorie limit will help you prevent overeating, then it will be a habit which you might want to stick to even after your maintenance and diet phase is over.

Stay committed!

Throughout the duration of your HCG diet phase, you must understand that whatever deviation from the approved plan may truncate the effectiveness of the program and will hinder the attainment of your weight loss goals.